Averna announces Averna Deploy test package manager software solution

January 22, 2021 – Averna announced they have developed a test package manager software solution with the release of Averna Deploy, the latest in their smart data management suite.

Deploy ensures all manufacturing activities remain accurate with the most up to date software versions installed on systems throughout smart facilities. With this tool, all updated software revisions are automatically deployed to every test station and asset throughout production plants. In addition, users have the ability to select the code they need on the test station they want. The intelligent software comes with a mechanism to prevent tests from running should a machine be outdated.

Other Averna test data management tools include Proligent Analytics for customized reporting, Averna Launch, a dedicated test executive for streamlining and management of information and ConnexThing, Averna’s toolkit to link National Instruments’ TestStand to PTC’s ThingWorx.

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