Automated Cars as Public Transporation in China to Stop nCov Outbreak

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With the outbreak of the nCov virus earlier this year, it would be hard for people to try and live their day to day lives because of this, especially for commuters. All is not lost, as Fiat Chrysler and AutoX have partnered to provide a viable solution for the problem within the year.

Automated cars are considered a solution to stop spreading of nCov.

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Automated Cars Can be One Solution

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA) is one of the “Big Three” automakers located in Detroit, and AutoX is a Chinese start-up located in Hongkong, who has partnered to create robotic taxis. With the virus nCov on an all-time high because it’s airborne now, not just China, but the world is bracing for the worst. This is just one of many solutions that can prevent the spread of the infection.

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The Road so Far

Life still has to go on with new business deals that can be the betterment for society and make sure that the human race will not come to a halt just because of panic. The world’s top intellectual minds are at work to find a cure with almost unlimited resources, but in the meantime, other companies still find a way to make a contribution just like what FCA and AutoX are doing.

Once automated services become more mainstream, especially in places that need it the most, it would be viable to commute once again. Minimizing the risk of being in contact with many people, but preventive measures for self-care should always be stringent.

AutoX will integrate its self-driving technology to a fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans, which also is used by Waymo. Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet that is widely known as the leader of self-driving technology. The partnership is aiming to launch in several Chinese cities like Shenzen and Shanghai in the first quarter of 2020. 

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What Might Stop the Progress

AutoX has already applied to self-driving vehicles without a human backup driver in California last December. The only company who was granted by the DMV is Waymo and AutoX has yet to be approved, if and when approved it’s safe to assume that it will continue with their plans. Here’s to hoping they would do so.

New Reasons to Partner Up

FCA is also doing this to strengthen its bonds with China, which is also the largest auto market in the world. They also made a joint venture with Foxconn to develop electric vehicles for the Chinese market. So it’s no surprise that they want to really connect with the Chinese market regardless of the times.

The epidemic is serious, yes. There is no denying the possible dangers we face, but with innovation and partnership that companies are now making can make it possible to be free of the fear it’s causing the human population. 

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