Astralis Group Renews Deal With OMEN for CS:GO Team

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  • Astralis Group renews deal with OMEN and signs a new partnership with CS Virtual Trade.
  • Brand activation includes a merging of logos placed on in-game worn jerseys.
  • OMEN and CS Virtual Trade join brands Logitech G and Secretlab in their collaboration with Astralis Group.

Today, the Astralis Group announced that it has extended its partnership with HP brand OMEN and signed a new deal with CS Virtual Trade. Both brands will work in collaboration with Astralis, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team of the Astralis Group.

The extension with OMEN has been extended for another year and will see the two increase engagement with each other and the Astralis fanbase.

“By extending the agreement for another 12 months and increasing the total engagement, OMEN and Astralis Group show our mutual dedication to the collaboration which is exactly what we always look for; a possibility to grow our business and to serve the fans and consumers of all parties,” co-Founder and CCO of Astralis Group Jakob Lund Kristensen said in a statement.

Also announced on behalf of its CS:GO team, Astralis Group announced that it has entered a new 12-month partnership deal with CS Virtual Trade. The deal will see brand exposure added to the game-worn jerseys of Astralis and media channels in the form of exclusive logos.

According to the release, on the Astralis jersey, the two logos will be merged with the Astralis star replaced by CS Money knife. This is done to celebrate the partnership between the two companies, maintaining strong brand values on both sides. It’s a new way of showcasing a partnership, exclusively made for the Astralis jerseys, Jakob Lund Kristensen comments.

Since the acquisition of Astralis by the Astralis Group from RFRSH Entertainment in August of 2019 and the subsequent IPO offering, the Astralis Group has taken a greater focus on its CS:GO team. The team has partnership deals already in place with Logitech G and Secretlab, among others.

The official launch of the partnership is expected to take place in early February.

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