Are The Bachelor’s Peter and Kelley Dating?

Something is afoot in Bachelor Nation! Peter Weber, The Bachelor star who was single by the time of his season-ending After the Final Rose reunion special, is getting very close to Kelley Flanagan, the fifth-place finisher on his season. Like, violating-social-distancing-protocols close. TMZ obtained photos of them being very flirty in Kelley’s hometown of Chicago Wednesday afternoon, getting the dating rumor mill grinding hard.

Kelley and Peter met by chance at a hotel last year after she had been cast but shortly before filming on Peter’s season started, and their chemistry from that meeting kept Kelley on the show until pretty late in the game, but Kelley — an uncommonly grounded person as far as Bachelor cast members go — couldn’t give herself over to the show’s accelerated relationship timeline, and so Peter sent her home. But maybe now that that pressure is off, they’re revisiting their connection away from TV cameras (but not paparazzi cameras). They’re hanging out in Chicago with Dustin Kendrick, who was on The Bachelorette with Peter.

Peter, meanwhile, got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss in the final episode, but he wasn’t over his feelings for his runner-up, Madison Prewett, so they broke up. (This all feels like it happened years ago, doesn’t it? The finale was only two weeks ago!) After a half-hearted attempt at reconciliation with Madi, Peter was single again.

And that’s where we find ourselves today. But there’s more, because rumors were already swirling around Peter and Kelley (that Kelley denied, but that was then). For reasons that were never really explained, Kelley did not attend the Women Tell All special taping, even though her fifth-place finish should dictate she would. She did, however, attend the the finale taping, and was shown in the audience, but did not speak on-camera. Plus, Peter’s family follows her on Instagram. They don’t follow any of the other women from Peter’s season.

Something is definitely going on here. We won’t know what for sure until Peter and/or Kelley say something about it, but they might be more than friends. It doesn’t mean they’re together, though, especially considering Peter’s playboy reputation.

In separate but similar Bachelor Nation news, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and her second-place finisher Tyler Cameron have reconnected and are quarantined for the coronavirus pandemic at Tyler’s house in Florida, sparking romance rumors for them, too. They’ve been posting on social media at a rapid pace and driving Bachelor Nation crazy. They played Spin the Bottle today.

This Bachelor drama is going to get us through this pandemic. As long as Peter and Kelley don’t get each other sick. Don’t you guys read the news? Did you fly from Los Angeles to Chicago, Peter? What are you even doing? Everyone is supposed to stay home! Go inside!

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