APW Happy Hour | A Practical Wedding

Hey APW,

About last night. OMG, about last night. Last night the APW team hosted a book launch party for the second edition of my first book at Sequoia Diner. It was such a good time (and I had maybe three glasses of bubbly) that about thirty minutes ago we realized it was… Friday…. and we needed to write Happy Hour. I’m excited share more photos with all of you, once we get them, and tell you about my editor toasting me in limericks. But for now, I’m on emotional bedrest, which I’ve learned is necessary after any major event.

Also in Logistics

Let’s talk creative rehearsal dinner ideas. Because… want to know what’s truly, mind-blowingly exciting about wedding planning? Somewhere, in the midst of place settings and dress fittings and venue deposits,…

In the meantime, we launched a (not just wedding) business incubator, all in one week. If you’re an entrepreneur, and really are ready to level up your small business, learn skills from super accomplished guest speakers, have me boss you around about your business, and get a (truly amazing) cohort of other small business owners, apply by Sunday. Yes, that’s this Sunday. We’ll likely never be able to offer something this intensive and personalized for a price like this again, but we’re building a new program, so you can be the beneficiary of it. I can’t wait to get to know you and your business.


Today’s Happy Hour is brought to you by our favorites over at Ours. If somehow you’ve missed our rave reviews of these ladies and the genius educational platform they’re building, pop over here to read more, and here to get some answers to some seriously good questions that our readers asked. And if this is all news to you, just know, Ours is the premier platform that will educate and inspire you and your partner to level up your relationship in so many ways. They are redefining the ‘we need to talk’ moments of life by coaching us through banking together, budgeting, goal setting, and so much more. Plus, the ladies who founded it are divorce attorneys, we should trust them.

Visit their site today to sign up at a special presale price for their first class that drops NEXT MONTH! Learn to bank together like a power couple, what have you got to lose? Oooh, and take the free quiz, too!

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