APW Happy Hour | A Practical Wedding

Hey APW,

After so much pain in our lives in recent years, on New Years Eve David and I sat down and thought about what we really wanted this year. When it came down to it, it was, a variation on the prayer we sing to end Shabbat, “A good week, a week of peace, may gladness reign, and joy increase.” But maybe for a whole year. And that’s exactly the kind of week I had. It was quiet, I got a ton of work done, and we finally got to publish the gender bending and plus sized wedding dress photoshoot that we did in November, that we are so damn proud of. It’s the first national wedding dress campaign that’s gender bending, and I couldn’t be prouder to have art directed and published it… and couldn’t be prouder of our team. I couldn’t really share the behind the scenes photos then, but here is one I love of one of our favorite models Corie getting ready. (Yes. We have a changing tent for our office.)

Beyond that, with Chelsea out this week, I spent some time doing small business consulting. It’s something I do with people on the fly, but I wanted to test out how fun and or rewarding it felt to sit down and do it for real. So I did some consulting with my friend Sequoia who owns Sequoia Diner (where I can be found many days), and my friend Hannah Chester, who runs an amazing social media management and growth company. So to answer my own question: small business consulting turns out to be very fun, and very rewarding for me.

Also in Logistics

Let’s talk creative rehearsal dinner ideas. Because… want to know what’s truly, mind-blowingly exciting about wedding planning? Somewhere, in the midst of place settings and dress fittings and venue deposits,…

Right now I’m not offering business consulting to the general public, beyond advice on my Instagram stories (tune in there if you want a taste). But we are offering our wedding vendor incubator program, TLC (The Love Club). It may be the last time this year we offer a wedding specific one. It’s lead by our amazing team leader and wedding vendor specialist Keriann, which a lot of guest appearances and advice from yours truly. We’ve got a small number of spots left, so if you work in weddings and want to get some business advice from me, apply. Applications close January 31.

And with that, here is hope for a joyful peaceful weekend. From my family to yours, Shabbat Shalom. (And here is your open thread. Hit it.)


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