Apple fails to appear before UK environmental committee, drawing criticism

U.K. lawmakers are criticizing Apple’s sustainability efforts after the company failed to appear before an environmental committee to answer questions about e-waste.

Reportedly, Apple CEO Tim Cook failed to respond by a Sept. 4 deadline from the House of Common’s Environmental Audit Committee. The committee initially invited Apple to put forth representatives for a hearing in July, but it canceled on short notice.

Environmental Audit Committee Chairman Philip Dunne said in a statement to Bloomberg that Apple’s “unwillingness to answer [the] committee’s questions has led us to believe its environmental obligations are not taken seriously enough.”

That’s despite the fact that the Cupertino tech giant “appears to have a positive story to tell regarding its efforts on climate change,” Dunne added.

The committee is specifically seeking answers regarding the steps Apple is taking to minimize it e-waste footprint — particularly since Apple has sold more than two billion iPhones. Dunne the difficulty and cost of repairing electronic devices has created a “throwaway society.”

In its 2020 Environmental Progress Report, Apple said that its device recycling programs have directed 47,000 metric tons of e-waste away from landfills in 2019. It also touted its efforts in materials, disassembly, and recycling in general.

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