Apple Event 2020 live updates: iPhone 12 released with 5G pitch

Here’s what to look for:

  • Different 5G options. Apple is one of the last major phone makers to offer 5G phones, after launches from Samsung, Google Pixel and others. Some other makers offer lower-price models that don’t support the fastest “millimeter wave” (also known as “ultra wideband”) 5G technology.
  • An array of sizes. The iPhone has, generally, gotten larger over the years. The iPhone 12 comes in a new smaller “Mini” version that’s easier to hold and stuff into jeans.
  • More cameras. The iPhone’s Pro line adds a fourth sensor on the back that measures distance, similar to the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner Apple built into its latest iPad Pro. It could be useful for augmented reality applications, and possibly new camera tricks.
  • Apple stopped including headphones and charging plugs with its new phones, following a similar move with its latest Apple Watch. Will consumers see that move as a win for the environment — or nickel-and-diming by Apple?
  • Also announced from Apple: New audio equipment, including a smaller, less-expensive HomePod speaker. Apple’s original HomePod had difficulty competing with other less expensive smart speakers featuring more-capable voice assistants.

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