‘Anant Mandi’ held at Gandhi Bhavan

Organic Farmers Market “Anant Mandi” was organised on Sunday at Gandhi Bhavan.

Anant Mandi is organised twice a month to promote lifestyle and sustainable agriculture. This initiative is taken by youth groups called Anant and Go-Rurban and Gandhi Bhavan has been going on for the last a year.

Anant Mandi is organised on the second or third and last Sunday of each month from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Stalls of organic vegetables, cereals, pulses, dairy products, herbal medicines and chemical-free daily use products were  set up in Anant Mandi. Every time in Anant Mandi, many farmers from Bhopal and nearby districts like Hoshangabad, Vidisha, Itarsi sell their organic crops and by participating in such programmes they get the impetus to do organic farming.

A new initiative has also been started in Anant Mandi, which is called everybody’s kitchen. Women, youth, children are involved in it. Everybody’s kitchen team brings delicious food made from organic products to Anant Mandi, and these delicious snacks are highly appreciated by the people who visit the market.

The aim of everyone’s kitchen is to keep some new and creative dishes every time, so that the common people have an interest in healthy and eco-friendly food. This time everyone’s kitchen will have veggie tacos, tomato rasam, salad wrap, carrot cake and vanilla sponge cake.

Along with this, due to Valentine’s Week, infinite gifts were also kept in Anant Mandi. This Anant gift is a pack of selected organic

products taken from organic farmers of Mandi. In this Valentine’s Week, one can give these special gifts to their friends or close people to get started with a healthy and eco-friendly life.

This time in Anant Mandi, a reading session was also organised by Learner Parks, in which reading of the book “Bali Omar” written by Bhagwant Anmol was done.

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