All the South Indian Bridal Inspiration you Need!

When you think of a “South Indian Bride”, there’s a strong chance that your mind has already stated visualising an elegantly draped saree with lots of pure gold jewellery to accompany it. But South India is way more diverse than just gold and Kanjeevaram and similarly the bridal style is also equally eclectic. From the minimal Kasavu to opulent Nizam jewellery, we teach you everything that the south has to offer. 

Source: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

The Sari

Whether it’s a Tamil bride’s 9-yard Kanjeevaram or A Kannadiga bride’s Naavari, a saree is something that lays the foundation for almost every bridal look. With changing times and influence from other cultures, the original attire has evolved but a sense of tradition still remains.

The Jewellery

Source: Weva Photography
Source: Weva Photography

With their universally popular 24 Karat gold jewellery, one might think that brides from the south only relish in gold. Although that’s true most of the times, both Muslim and Christian brides opt for other options. Nizam-style jewellery is very popular in Hyderabad and the Catholic brides often go for subtle yet impactful diamonds.

The Hair Accessories

Source: South Indian Bridal Fashion


Source: Yashica Bridal Studio

Being naturally blessed with long and silky hair, most South Indian brides embrace their tresses and wear them almost like an additional accessory, with a wide variety of adornments to match. In fact, gold hair clips are an integral part of a South Indian jewellery set.

The Makeup

Source: Makeup by Neha Sawan


Source: Makeup by Neha Sawan

When it comes to their beauty routine, South Indian brides often go the minimal route. With the attire and jewellery being the talking point, makeup takes a backseat. Think of light contouring, lots of bronzers and a stark eyeliner to accentuate the natural eye shape.

As the world is becoming more culturally accepting, brides are looking to other cultures for inspiration and the best part is that you get to pick and choose the elements you find suitable to your taste. So which elements from a South Indian bride’s trousseau would you like to borrow for your big day? Let us know.

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