All the best cases and covers for the AirPods Pro

Everyone loves AirPods Pro and the best way to accessorize and protect the charging case is with an extra enclosure. We’ve rounded up the best cases available so far with options that will likely appeal to everyone.

Best cases for AirPods Pro

Roundup of the best cases for AirPods Pro

Why a case?

We saw plenty of feedback when we rounded up the best cases for the regular AirPods. Mainly, feedback focused on why one would put a case on their AirPods.

There are many reasons why someone would do this, starting with protection. AirPods Pro live in a white plastic shell that easily can be distressed as it comes in and out of your pockets. If you are planning to sell or pass down your AirPods Pro when you upgrade or are finished with them, who wants to hand over a scratched up case?

If you drop your AirPods Pro the case can also be easily damaged which is yet another not-so-great look.

Of course, style is a reason as well. Everyone’s AirPods Pro look the same and an easy way to make them more “you” is by adding a case to them. Just like with your iPhone.

Some cases offer functionality too. The ability to clip them to bags or secure them to your wrist may be appealing to different users.

Regardless of the reasons why, we know they are popular. So let’s take a closer look at our favorite cases so far.


Nomad, per usual, opted for a primarily leather design for its AirPods Pro cases.

It’s Rugged AirPods Pro cases are very similar to its second-generation version AirPods cases. That is, they have a soft microfiber lining and a polycarbonate light pipe.

Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro in black and brown

Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro in black and brown

The polycarbonate light pipe is quite a unique feature. Most cases will cut a hole in the front of the case which allows the light to come through. However, because the cases are thicker, it makes viewing the light from angles difficult as the case itself obfuscates the light.

Nomad’s implementation allows the light to shine significantly brighter and can be seen at any angle.

As far as the leather quality goes, it is top-notch. It is the same Chicago-sourced Horween leather used in all of Nomad’s other gear. Over time, it develops a stunning patina that truly makes it unique.

Other unique factors include a lanyard anchor point — yes, Nomad even designed its own lanyard — and a soft spot around back for easy access to the pairing button.

Nomad’s Rugged Case for AirPods Pro is available in both black as well as brown for $34.95.


What makes Alto different is its leather. Many of the higher-end brands source quality leather, but Alto is the only one to do with a genuine Italian aniline-dyed leather.

Alto's Italian leather AirPods cases in cement (grey), raven (black), and caramel (brown)

Alto’s Italian leather AirPods cases in cement (grey), raven (black), and caramel (brown)

The leather is very soft and comes in really nice colors. The caramel is particularly stunning. It is a bit more vibrant than the standard darker browns we see and garners a lot of compliments when we adorn our own AirPods with it.

Alto’s cases are available in Cement (grey), Caramel (brown), and Raven (black) direct from Alto for $45.

Twelve South

For AirPods Pro, Twelve South has released the AirSnap Pro leather case.

This case is solely made up of leather, no hardened interior shell like others. It has free access at the bottom for charging over Lightning and of course, supports wireless charging.

Twelve South AirSnap Pro for AirPods Pro

Twelve South AirSnap Pro for AirPods Pro

This is the only case in our list that snaps shut, so if dropped, it doesn’t come up and cough up the individual AirPods earbuds as has a tendency to happen.

There is an anchor mount to the right where either the included “s” carabiner clip or the included lanyard may be connected to. That way you can keep your AirPods Pro on your wrist, on your bag, or in your pocket.

AirSnap Pro comes in cognac brown, slate blue, and black for $39.99 either from Amazon or Twelve South.

Native Union

There are two cases available from Native Union, its leather case and its Curve case.

Native Union Leather AirPods Pro Case

Native Union’s case is more similar in style to Nomad’s Rugged case or Alto’s leather case, but lacks the rigid interior. The case is made up of only leather which keeps it a bit slimmer and sleek.

It doesn’t have a fancy polycarbonate light tube, but since it is so thin, seeing the status light isn’t an issue. Because it is all leather, it lacks the black molding around the top and the bottom of the case. Instead, the intricate stitching is visible where the leather is connected together.

Native Union's handcrafted leather case (left) and Curve silicone case (right) for AirPods Pro

Native Union’s handcrafted leather case (left) and Curve silicone case (right) for AirPods Pro

Since it is more flexible, the button the back is still easily depressed with the case on.

The Native Union Leather Case is available in black or brown direct from Native Union for $49.95.

Native Union Curve Case

Curve is the second option from Native Union for those who don’t want a leather case but what something more elevated than your standard silicone case.

It is made of silicone but has a handsome texture around the outside that adds grip and is a bit more unique.

Nab the Natuve Union Curve case on Amazon for $19.99 in navy, black, or pink.


Catalyst Slim case for AirPods Pro

Catalyst Slim case for AirPods Pro

If none of those appeal to you and you want something more fun, or perhaps more cost-effective, there is Catalyst. Catalyst has a dazzling array of AirPod cases, though only a few thus far for AirPods Pro. They come in exciting, vibrant colors to help set your AirPods Pro apart.

Pick up the Catalyst Slim case for $19.99.

Just the beginning

While these are our favorite, these are only our favorites so far. More cases will be released and perhaps we will even add additional cases to this list as some catch our eyes.

AirPods cases are incredibly popular and it is nice to see manufacturers put time into crafting cases that protect, stylize, and add functionality to Apple’s pro wireless earbuds.

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