AC-Operated LVDTs for Valve Position Feedback From: NewTek Sensor Solutions

The LVDT converts the linear position of a valve to a proportional electrical output readable by monitors and control systems. Featuring frictionless measurement, infinite mechanical life, excellent repeatability and infinite resolution, the sensors are suitable for valve applications due to their long-term accuracy and reliability, even under hostile conditions. The LVDTs are available in high temperature, miniature and hermetically-sealed designs to meet the needs of different applications. They make possible accurate monitoring and control of gas turbine valves that regulate the flow of fuel through different components of a gas turbine; by knowing the position of micro fuel valve openings, operators can more efficiently operate turbines with minimal wasted energy. In steam power plant rehabilitation projects, the sensors are used in a control system to monitor the position of modulating governor and throttle valves. The linear position sensors can significantly increase operating efficiency by enabling operators to meet specific control algorithms. Other applications are in petrochemical plants, off-road vehicles, farm equipment, construction equipment and aircraft.

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NewTek Sensor Solutions

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