Abode adds HomeKit support to Smart Security Kit


Abode has updated the Gateway in its Smart Security Kit with HomeKit support, bringing it in line with the Iota Security Kit to make it compatible with Apple’s smart home platform.

The Smart Security Kit is a more affordable option to the Iota Security Kit and lacks the integrated camera for those that don’t need or want to have a camera in their home.

Abode’s Smart Security Kit comes with the HomeKit-enabled Gateway, a motion sensor, a door or window sensor, and a key fob. The kit is easy to set up and can now be added to the Home app. When added to HomeKit, the motion sensor, contact sensor, and security alarm can be added to automation routines or as triggers for other HomeKit devices.

“With iota, our all-in-one solution, Abode was the first DIY home security company to achieve HomeKit compatibility and with that came a promise to our customers that we would add HomeKit compatibility and functionality across all of our security kits,” said abode CEO and founder Chris Carney. “With this update, we continue to fulfill that promise so that all abode users will have access to the convenience, privacy, and security that comes with HomeKit and the added peace of mind provided by their abode security system.”

Existing customers with the abode Smart Security Kit will be able to install a firmware update that is now available to gain HomeKit support. The first generation abode gateway is still in the certification process with Apple and HomeKit compatibility will be added once the process is complete. HomeKit support has already arrived previously for the Iota Security Kit.

Smart Security Kit Iota Security Kit
Primary Hub Abode Gateway Abode Iota
Built-in 1080P camera No Yes
Motion sensor External module Integrated within the Iota
Wi-Fi No Yes
Compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices Yes Yes
Door Sensor (1x) included (1x) included
Key Fob (1x) inlcluded (1x) included
HomeKit Support Yes Yes
Cost $179 $219

Pick up the Abode Smart Security Kit now on Amazon for $179 or the Iota Security Kit for $219.

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