A nostalgic Mussoorie back to school themed pre-wedding photoshoot

Trisha took Aish to her school in Mussoorie for their pre-wedding photoshoot that was beautifully captured by the talented team of WeddingSutra Favorite – The Wedding Conteurs.

Trisha shared, “Aish and I go to the same gym, but we bumped into each other for the first time at a party. When I was leaving, I saw him wave at me from across the terrace. We spoke for a bit, and then he asked me for my number, which I refused to give. Instead, I asked him to save his number on my phone. Aish gave a missed call from my phone to his! The next evening, I was regretting not giving him my number, and just then my phone beeped. We started talking and haven’t stopped since then.”

“There was never really a formal proposal. Aish has proposed to me like a zillion times in one funny way or the other. The first time he confessed his love for me, he cut the phone call, and I had to pretend like I had not heard anything. Honestly, we didn’t need a fancy proposal. Aish just randomly popped the question at dinner one night.”

“Ten months later, we were in full swing with the wedding preparations and then came the part of choosing the photographers. The Wedding Conteurs’ work is magical, so we chose them. After getting the team on board, we had to decide on our pre-wedding shoot. We always wanted one in the hills, and we decided on Mussoorie. Since we wanted our shoot to look vintage, warm and filmy, deciding on our looks wasn’t difficult. We kept it casual and fun. We did do a part of it in our formals to give it a filmy twist, and I froze to death during the shoot as Aish insisted I wear a saree.”

“Mussoorie is like my first home since I studied there. We had quite a few places where we had planned to shoot. Shiv and Nitin from The Wedding Conteurs team thought it’d be a great idea to shoot in my school, and I did want Aish to see where I grew up. I was not sure of how the pictures would turn out, but they were amazing. We shot at some classic spots in Landour and Char Dukaan too. By luck, we even got access to a heritage home in Sisters’ Bazaar that offered beautiful views and a cozy vibe.”

“It was more of a spontaneous shoot where we walked around the hills spotting different places to shoot. There were a few places where we couldn’t shoot since they were highly secured and needed special permission. Keeping all the challenges aside, we decided on just enjoying wherever we were and lived those moments to the fullest.”

“Aish and I barely had any pictures of us together. Both of us are quite awkward in front of cameras. But working with The Wedding Conteurs, we didn’t face any inhibitions. It didn’t feel like we were posing for the camera or acting to do something. The experience was incredible, and we can’t wait to have them capture our big day.”

Location: Mussoorie
Photography: The Wedding Conteurs

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