A Holistic Nutritionist Who Sold Alternative Treatments and Products Changes Her Mind

Denby Royal felt like being a holistic nutritionist, selling alternative health treatments and products, was a legitimate choice. Royal believed in the products and “certification” in Canada (and the U.S.) is kind of a joke but people will rationalize it as reasonable either way. You can be a trainer in a gym or a hair stylist with just as much training - and no disrespect to either of those, but they are not qualified to give medical advice either.

You learn early that you cant say “treat,” “cure,” “heal” or “prevent” while suggesting that alternatives to medicine and cosmic diet advice do just that.

So the advice, regardless of the ailment, might be “Organic” “Skip The Chemicals” products even though organic farming uses more chemicals per pound and exempts over 80 synthetic ingredients that needn’t be on a label despite their industry trade groups saying we have a Right To Know what’s in food. Unless the pesticides are copper sulfate in organic food.

Eventually she wondered why her quality of life had to suffer so corporations selling chemophobia, or at least scares about the chemicals in other foods, could get rich. So she changed her mind. 

That is a rarity, and should be applauded. Read her article in USA Today and hope for a smarter future.

I’d wonder why these companies target women when the movement was created by and is dominated by old men.

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