A heartwarming proposal in the picturesque cliff-side village - Positano, Italy

Nursing professionals Rini and Vivian are all set to be married in 2020. Blessings were obtained and preparations were underway. All the essential formalities, from the meeting of families to setting a date, were checked off. However, Vivian still felt as if something was missing. He wanted to sweep the love of his life off her feet, so he planned a surprise proposal for her to do just that. Here’s how it all happened.

How They Met
“We are both from India and are nurses in the same hospital in Ireland. We were introduced by mutual friends and instantly hit it off. Eventually, we fell in love and decided to take the next step,” shares Vivian.

Proposal Story
“We introduced our families to each other’s in May 2019 and set a date for the wedding the following year. However, I had always imagined falling in love and proposing to my soul mate. Even though our wedding preparations were already in progress and it wouldn’t be news to Rini, I still wanted to surprise her and take her breath away.
On my trip to India, I bought the perfect ring and planned a trip to Italy for the two of us, complete with a photographer to capture the moment. I managed to hide the ring for five months until we finally made it to Positano, Italy. I had already discussed with Andrea, the photographer, that I would propose at Spiaggia Grande beach. When we reached, I handed her a customized caricature book that portrayed all our memories. She began reading it, and as she neared the end of the book, she lowered it to find me on my knee with the ring in my hand and a question on my lips. She couldn’t contain her happiness and as she said ‘yes’, tears started streaming down her face, and then mine. It was the happiest day of our lives.”

Photography: Andrea Matone

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