80V Greenworks vs. EGO 56V: High Power Electric Leaf Blower Shootout (review)

As more and more people are retiring their old gas-powered leaf blowers for superior electric alternatives, they are finding a growing number of brands with different power, capabilities and price points.

Today we take a look at the two of the highest-powered 40cc-equivalent hand-held options: The EGO LB6504 56V ($379) — that my neighbor recently purchased — and my own year-old Greenworks 80V ($199-299).

A little background first. I’m in the Greenworks 80V battery ecosystem because I have a lawnmower and snowblower that use the same batteries. Since the Greenworks batteries are all compatible, I’ve since purchased an 80V chainsaw and weedwacker standalone — and didn’t have to repurchase batteries. Sharing batteries makes electric tools cheaper than gas. But also ties you into ecosystem silos, which can be frustrating.

The Greenworks batteries and the charging system seem fine and have kept going at a similar charge capacity for years.

Overall, I like Greenworks products and particularly their electric drivetrains. The issues I’ve had with their products have been related to the durability of the parts, not the electric batteries or motor. Some problems I’ve had include the a broken snow throw tube on the snowblower, and a loose blade on the lawnmower.

This fall, I upgraded my 20V Black and Decker leaf blower with a Greenworks 80V that I saw on sale for a great deal from 9to5Toys / Electrek’s Green Deals. The B&D was fine for cleaning off the shop floor or the deck, but really wasn’t meant for yard work.

My neighbor’s EGO

After doing some research and polling, my neighbor Dave opted to go for the EGO 56V leaf blower. We’ve been quite fond of EGO products here, reviewing the lawnmower very favorably. Anecdotally, other friends and neighbors also have had good experiences with EGO electric products.

EGO also has a robust battery ecosystem based around its 56V technology. The line includes many of the same mowers, hedge trimmers, weed wackers, etc. that Greenworks does, although it does not offer a snow blower.

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