8 Cool Robots And AI That Wowed Us At CES 2020

Robo-Sharks. Server Robots. What Will They Think Of Next?

Robots. They seem to come in all forms now, whether it’s almost literally a shark that can quietly navigate the waters or an E.T.-like automation that looks after servers.

That’s a taste of some of the robots and artificial intelligence solutions we saw while at CES 2020 in Las Vegas earlier this month. There was also a delivery robot with a digital cat face, a modular drone that can double as an AI camera and a programmable toy that looks like it came out of the Transformers cartoon show. There was even a gigantic robot from Japanese electronics company Omron that could play a mean game of ping-pong (pictured).

What follows are eight cool robots and AI technologies that wowed us at CES 2020.



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