7 Steps to IoT Security in 2020

There are important steps security teams should take to be ready for the evolving security threats to the IoT in 2020.

In the opening weeks of a new year, it’s reasonable to ask whether the security challenges to be faced in the year ahead differ from those in previous years. And whether or not the challenges differ, should organizations shift their defensive strategies, especially when it comes to operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and critical infrastructure components?

“What we’re seeing emerging in general trends in cybersecurity is that it’s always been a pretty dynamic place, but now the attacks know no boundaries,” says Stuart Reed, vice president of cybersecurity at Nominet. And, he explains, those boundary-jumping attacks against OT can have an impact beyond data — hitting systems that have an immediate impact on human life and safety.

Security’s job is complicated by OT and IoT devices that weren’t designed with the level of security that’s now the norm in IT systems. “A lot of the control systems and the OT infrastructure were never, ever designed to be digitally connected anywhere else,” says Reed. But the continuing trend of digitalization, he explains, means that few OT systems can remain isolated for long.

With threats from both criminal and nation-state aggressors evolving, what steps should security teams take to protect the OT and IoT systems owned by their organizations? Dark Reading spoke to experts in the industry to ask what they would recommend for dealing with the IoT threats of 2020. Through the conversations we collected seven key considerations for security professionals looking to keep their OT systems as secure as possible in the months ahead — no matter how the threat landscape might change.

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