68% of people prefer to talk to robot over their manager about stress at work: Survey

As the coronavirus pandemic increased mental health challenges in the world, majority of people across the globe believe robots are better suited than actual human beings for their mental well-being, according to a study conducted by Oracle.

The survey, by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, a research firm, found that 68 per cent of the workforce would prefer a robot for talking about their stress or anxiety at work as opposed to talking to their managers. 

The study, involving over 12,000 employees, managers, HR leaders, and C-level executives across 11 countries, found that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in increased stress and anxiety at work. 

A big majority (85 per cent) of the participants said that their stress and anxiety at work has negative impact on their lives at home, while 76 per cent believed companies should be doing more to ensure employees’ mental health is taken as priority.     

The survey also came to the conclusion that 78 per cent of the participants consider 2020 as the most stressful year ever, and 75 per cent believe that artificial intelligence has helped their mental health at work by giving them necessary information.


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