10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy

As any true pet lover knows, having a pet is a huge responsibility because you have to ensure that you can provide to that pet a healthy and happy lifestyle. Pests, especially dogs and cats, can be extremely loving and loyal.

Of course, they can be very needy, especially when they are very young and old, they are extremely similar with us, humans, except that they don’t talk and think the way we do.

Anyhow, pets are putting all their trust in their human. In exchange for filling our lives and hearts with joy and love, the least we can do is to make sure that they live a long, healthy, and happy life.

The question is, how exactly we are going to provide it for our beloved pets. What is the perfect recipe for a happy animal life?

We found the answer, and in today’s post, we’re sharing it with all the pet lovers around the world. Therefore, here are our top 10 tips to keep your pets healthy and happy.

1. Provide Nutritious Food

For our pets to live a long, healthy, and happy life, we need to provide the proper nutrition for their needs. Each pet is different and unique in his own way, no matter if he shares the characteristics of a breed.

To stay healthy, each pet needs to get a certain amount of nutrients every day, and we must ensure that they get it in their food. Pets are similar to humans in several ways.

Some pets have a stronger immune system, some weaker, others have a fur that needs special oils to stay healthy, and some have sensitive skin or stomach. We must take every aspect of their health condition to provide the best food for our furry friends.

2. Regular Checkups

Because our beloved pets can’t talk and tell us if something doesn’t feel good but either bad enough to show on their behavior, the wise thing to do is to make them a checkup every year.

For instance, a normal wellness exam is the best way a vet can tell if your pet is healthy or to detect any red flag of a potential illness. As well, according to superior papers, our pets need dental care because if we neglect it and they lose their teeth sooner than normal, a lot of health issues can appear.

Therefore, to make sure your pet stays in a healthy shape and to prevent any serious illness, you should take your pet an annual wellness exam and dental appointment to remove tartar and plaque buildup.

3. Exercise

No pet can live a healthy, happy life if they barely move their feet. Just image your pet lying around all day without burning all the calories he ate – eventually he’ll get fat and health problems will kick in.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters in special need to exercise daily to keep their health in check, advice the experts from essay service and essay writing service. Exercise for them is running or chasing other pets or objects. You just have to take one hour of your life daily to make sure that your pet exercises.

Otherwise not only that he will become ill eventually, but he will also be bored and unhappy. Is not like animals to lay around every day – if there wasn’t civilization they would’ve played, ran, and hunted every day and lay only to relax, sleep, and eat.

4. Preventative Measures

There are several things you can do to make sure that you won’t visit your vet so often. Preventive measures are going hand in hand with the regular checkups. But what are exactly the preventative measures?

First of all, it all depends on the season and your pet’s behavior. For instance, when the nature reborn in the spring, you should already prevent your pet from having ticks, bed bugs, and other unwanted insects that may put your pet’s health in danger.

As well, regular deworming is also a preventative measure as you keep a lot of health issues away this way. During the cold season, you can give your pet some vitamins recommended by your vet to strengthen his immune system.

Last, but not least, brushing your pet’s teeth is also a preventative measure as you can prevent serious dental issues that may lead to serious illnesses.

As you’d ask best resume writing services and essay mama to prevent your child from taking bad grades, the same, you should buy preventative meds to keep your pet healthy.

5. Socialization

Just think about it – if it weren’t for us humans to evolve on such big scale and create today’s society, most of our pets not only that wouldn’t exist, but they wouldn’t live in a cage/apartment, related the specialists from the australianwritings and assignment masters. They would’ve been free to climb the hills and trees. They would’ve had a family, pack, and socialize with other animals in harmony.

My point is that it isn’t in their nature to live in one place without meeting and interacting with other animals. Our pets need to socialize as much as we do.

Therefore, even you live in an apartment, you need you to make sure that they socialize with other pets to ensure a happy life of them. You have to make them socialize from a very young age, and the best would be to have at least two pets and not one to keep each other company.

6. Grooming

It’s not all about making your pet look good; but grooming is also about keeping your pet healthy. Yes, grooming involves brushing his fur regularly, cutting the fur if necessary, regular baths, cutting the nails, cleaning the eyes and ears.

All these grooming things ensure a healthier life and even a happier life – without long nails and dirty and long fur to bother your pet, he can enjoy his life differently, better.

As well, while you’re grooming him, you can see any changes in his skin and fur, and you can detect issues very easily. So grooming is essential for your pet’s health and happiness.

7. Sterilization

This may be a sensitive subject that many pet owners don’t feel comfortable discussing, but it comes with a lot of benefits for your pet’s health and happiness. Sterilizing your pet can expend your pet’s life expectancy, related the expert team from one of the best essay writing services.

Maybe this isn’t the most ethical decision but just think about the fact that dogs and cats don’t have the life that they used to. They live in apartments, they go out in leashes, and most cats never live the apartment.

Their life is no longer what it used to be, apartment cats don’t even know how to hunt mice and birds. Not to mention that we don’t even let them reproduce, but we make them suffer by taking that away.

Putting them on meds to avoid their period isn’t a healthy option because many pets died because of them.

Anyway, sterilization doesn’t have a single negative outcome. It has only good ones. For instance, male dogs and cats don’t fight until death over a female, and they don’t spray stinky urine all over your house.

As well, sterilization prevents a lot of serious illnesses for our beloved pest, so you should seriously consider a small intervention that recovers extremely fast for a longer, healthier, safer, and happier life.

8. Affection

As I already stated above, our pets are not so different from us if you pay attention to their behavior. Starting from this statement, we can notice that our pets need our love and affection. They love being petted and loved by their human.

Actually, they need our affection to live a happy life. A dog without a human doesn’t live a happy life.

As well, it creates a strong bond between you two, and it will be much easier to train your pet. The bond can be so strong that it can match the bond you have with your baby, and you can even feel when something is wrong with your pet.

9. Safety Measures

To be able to keep your pet healthy and happy, you must first keep him safe; to keep him beside you all his life. But unfortunate events happen, like losing your dog while he’s chasing a deer in the forest.

That’s why you have to be prepared for the most unexpected situations. There are several useful safety measures like microchipping your pet and attaching an id tag to the collar. I heard that there are even GPS devices you can attach to the collar.

As well, you can always train your pet to not eat from the strangers and to not eat from the ground.

10. Behavior Knowledge

Knowing your pet’s behavior is very much required. Sometimes, this can make all the difference. Unusual behavior is a red flag for a possible health issue. So, to make sure that your pet lives a longer, healthier life, you should know what behavior is normal for your dog and what is definitively not.

Whenever you notice something unusual in your dog’s behavior, don’t hesitate to call your vet.


If you’re an organized person, implementing the above-mentioned tips in your and your pet’s life should require a minimum effort. Also, I am sure that you’re already familiar with some of the tips if you have or had a pet. If you knew them all, then it means that you’re the perfect pet owner. If not, now you know what it takes to be one.

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