10 Most Romantic Movies To Re-discover Love With Your Partner!

Films have been the most influential medium of love. It’s a tool that instils crucial messages of romance when you need it the most! Rom-com nights with your partner is one of the best nights you could ever ask for- because it only fills your night with more cuddles and kisses. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here are the 10 most romantic films you could watch with your lover-


1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

This film is a classic tale of the heart taking precedence over the brain in the case of love. Memory isn’t encapsulated by souls and the film teaches to love a soul. 

2. Lootera

Can you really forgive the man who hurt you? Can you do without them? If the heart’s the stolen object, is it really stealing?

3. P.S. I Love You

A deceased lover helps his partner to move on and get on with her life. This film is truly emotional and a must-watch with your partner.

4. Raanjhanaa

Two love stories that see a lot of crimes but no real sinners. This film is a breathing tragedy. 

5. The Notebook

The notebook is an adapted film about two lovers who successfully test the fate of time and separation. That makes it a top-notch rom-com!

6. Veer Zaara

Talking about putting time and distance to test, here’s a different story of a different couple set in India. 

7. Brokeback Mountain

One of the pioneering productions in projecting homosexuality in the context of the contemporary society.

8. Love And Other Drugs

If somebody knows you’re really sick and still wants to love you for the days you live, know that the person really loves you.

9. Love Aaj Kal (2008)

“Ikko hi kahani bas badle zamana”. One love story divided by generations, creating human connect. 

10. Letters To Juliet 

A love story that’s solely based on letters between two lovers and the solace between them. 


Well, you don’t really believe that there are just 10 films that can make it to this list, do you? We will be back with at least ten more listicles of such kind and keep you updated with everything filmy, loving and weddings! Till then checkout, 6 Movies Every Bride Must Watch With Her Bridesmaids!

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