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Ajay Joshi

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, October 12

Surinder Singh Nagra (62), a resident of Kartarpur, started organic farming of medicinal plants around two decades ago.

Extremely moved by the demise of his close friend due to diabetes, Nagra not just began growing medicinal plants, but also turned his passion into profession.

“When I got to know that with the help of aromatic plants my friend could have been saved, I could not close my eyes. I got more curious towards natural herbs and tried to get information about plants. Soon I left my transportation business and started growing medicinal plants,” he said.

Surinder Singh Nagra at his organic farm in Kartarpur on Monday. Tribune photo

“I visited various districts and tired to motivate people to buy medicinal plants as it was pivotal to spread information about their benefits. Initially, nobody took me seriously and considering me a salesperson, people used to avoid me. However, things took a positive turn after a government official impressed by my initiative spoke to me and got my interview featured in farming programmes,” said Nagra.

“Gradually, everyone started taking me seriously and paid more attention to what I was conveying. Earlier, I didn’t had much area under cultivation, but now, I do organic farming on more than three acres,” he said.

He has not just won hearts of locals, but also of non-resident Indians (NRIs) who make a beeline to purchase medicinal plants from him. Celebrities, including wife of Gurdas Mann, frequently visit his farm.

After much recognition, Nagra also provides information related to aromatic plants on different YouTube channels.

Nagra is a proud owner of numerous medicinal plants, including stevia, white sandal, ajwain, aloe vera, tulsi, turmeric, black pepper, ashwagandha odomos, insulin, rosemary and others.

A large number of people who visit his nursery can choose among 25 medicinal plants to live a natural and healthy life. Motivated by Nagra, organic farming has many takers in the region.

Being surrounded by different herbs, Nagra patiently listens to people who visit his farm and helps them in picking up the best medicinal plant. With patience and time, he didn’t know when he created a botanical garden, which would help residents.

Kids left jobs to support their father’s passion

Nagra has three children, two sons and a daughter. While both his sons did mechanical engineering, his daughter is a computer engineer. His children left their jobs to support their father. They help him getting more and more types of aromatic plants and assist him in increasing more area under medicinal plants cultivation.

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