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A model | (Pic: Robogyaan)

What started as Schoolronics in September 2016 to educate the students of Guntur about electric concepts using hands-on kits evolved into Robogyaan in December 2018 to include, you guessed it, Robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI too. Why Sitaram Tallam, the Co-founder and CEO of the start-up, felt the need to evolve is pretty obvious, to help students stay in tandem with the changing needs of the time. But how did they manage to do so? Sitaram who trained at the Indian School of Business in entrepreneurship, brought on a team of eight (though most of them have left now) to revamp their start-up, which had already conducted its first 14 workshops for free. “We have also been chosen as mentors for the Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog and we establish Atal Tinkering Labs and offer to maintain it for a year too. In this way, we are furthering our goal of taking technology, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit to the interiors of our city,” says the 22-year-old. And now, we hear that Sitaram has bagged the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship through which he intends to take his start-up Robogyaan to the Land of Rising Robotics. Hooray!

Sitaram and Saandeep | (Pic: Robogyaan)

So this time around, Robogyaan, after going on a hiatus for about a year to realign themselves to current trends, is offering three kinds of super cool kits. One that teaches kids how to build line robots, another that teaches them how to build a basic robot, write a code for it and so on, and a third that gives them free access to an application development interface. All the kits come with a set of instructions and the team at Robogyaan is also reachable to clear any doubts or answer queries. These kits are based on basic concepts from their textbooks itself. “We conduct our one-day sessions for classes VI to X using these kits and it is after the session that 80 per cent of our kits are sold,” explains the alumnus of KKR & KSR Institute of Technology and Sciences who pursued his Mechanical Engineering. They have sold over 2,500 kits and some of their kits are available on Amazon as well.


They raised funds from NATS (North America Telugu Society). They collaborated with Kaanthi what was funded by IEEE, Water and Livelihood foundation

Robogyaan has conducted over 45 workshops in different schools and one of their biggest achievements to date has been that four students who attended their workshop were selected for a national-level science fair. It is small wins like this that assures the start-up that they are indeed headed in the right direction. “If youngsters have access to technology, they can solve so many problems that plague us today. It is innovation that will help take India to the next level,” asserts Sitaram.


Saandeep during a training | (Pic: Robogyaan)

With no revenue coming in during the lockdown, they’ve reinvented themselves in a few ways:
– Started a chicken delivery portal and today, they get 60 to 70 orders a day
– Launched an awareness and stock market portfolio management portal
– Started a furniture delivery portal
– Employed financially backward women to stitch PPE kits. They have supplied 3,000 kits till date

Their kit | (Pic: Robogyaan)


For more on them, check out facebook.com/Robotics2schools

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