What Snap’s Voca.ai Acquisition Could Mean for Snapchat & Spectacles — Virtual Voice Assistants Meet Augmented Reality « Next Reality

What does it mean when a software company obsessively focused on innovating the way we use our mobile devices to see and communicate with the world adds virtual voice agents? Possibly e-commerce magic, with a powerful layer of augmented reality.

That’s what may be in the offing with the recent acquisition of Israel-based Voca.ai by Snap, the company behind Snapchat.

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The deal was first reported by Israeli tech news site CalCalist, which claims the price was $70 million, however, neither party involved in the deal has confirmed the figure.

By now, most of us are familiar with virtual voice agents that pop up when we’re making a customer service call to a bank or retail store. They can be frustrating, especially when you’re upset about a transaction, or in a rush. What Voca‘s approach to virtual voice agents promises is what it calls a “speech-to-intent” algorithm that can more efficiently detect what a human caller is attempting to accomplish.

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