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Vikram “Vikkstar” Singh Barn, the UK-based streamer with a following of over 12.2M fans, has joined the esports organization ReKTGlobal as a co-owner of the London Royal Ravens. Singh Barn is a co-founder and frontman behind the content creation collective known as the Sideman and is widely known for streams involving his Call of Duty: Warzone play. Now, as the forward-facing owner of the Call of Duty League franchise, Singh Barn will look to launch new content formats, merchandise and promotional activations, and host esports competitions including independently operated ReKTGlobal tournaments, as well as top Call of Duty: Warzone events.

Singh Barn is a very popular YouTube streamer, who in 2013 co-founded Sidemen, a gaming content collective, and has expanded with the addition of  two more channels, MoreSidemen and SidemenReacts. Across the three, Singh Barn has helped create a network that has more than 16M subscribers. In addition to his streaming, Singh Barn has also created a merchandise line named Sidemen Clothing Limited.

The UK native will look to start quickly in his work with the Royal Ravens as it prepares for the 2021 season. Singh Barn will look to add his popularity to the London-based franchise by co-streaming matches, participating in Call of Duty League Warzone events, holding meet & greets with fans, and becoming the catalyst to ”evangelize” the brand globally.

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