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Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin announced that he is leaving the Amazon-owned streaming platform after 13 years  to work on an unspecified project and spend more time with his family.  

“I’ve decided it’s time to journey into my next adventure,” Lin wrote in a post on Medium. “My life has been forever changed for the better by Twitch; it has been a source of hope, optimism, reflection, support, energy, sharing, friendship, and belonging. I will always be part of the Twitch community, and Twitch will always be part of me.”

Lin is one of the original founders of Twitch, which started out as, a platform that co-founder Justin Kan described as a portal that borrowed the concept of the CBS TV show, Big Brother, and allowed him to stream his daily life. That concept changed over time as people showed interest in being able to use the platform to stream their own content, and in February 2019 it was officially renamed Twitch Interactive Inc. In the same year, Amazon bought the company for $970M USD.

Lin served as’s chief operating officer beginning in June 2008 and stayed in the role after it was renamed to Twitch until January 2018. He also served briefly in a chief revenue officer role, before settling into the role of culture, strategy, and innovation (while also serving as the managing director for the APAC region).

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