Top 10 Gorgeous Amit Aggarwal Brides We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off!

Bridal fashion is something that never stops evolving, even in times like this, the brides-to-be in pandemic got creative and came up with the concept of bridal masks, how cool is that? Talking about bridal fashion, we notice gorgeous brides on Instagram every day and many feature entries in our mailbox, the brides wearing designer outfits catch our attention the most. One such designer who’s been giving brides, the brightest smile and trendiest outfit is Amit Aggarwal. The panache and the details in the outfits of #TheAmitAggarwalBride are always jaw-dropping, check it out to take us by our words.

Shriali Sagan

Shriali is in the Amit Aggarwal hand-embroidered lehenga with metallic details in natural and linear patterns from the couture collection. Lakshay is wearing the Amit Aggarwal menswear jacket with linear details.

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Prachi Gupta Badigar

In Amit Aggarwal couture dress with ombre details and their signature corded cape.

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amit aggarwal outfits

Rupa Ganatra Popat

In Amit Aggarwal couture dress made with a handcrafted moulded bodice and signature polymer details in linear patterns paired with a fringed cape with intricate hand embroidery.

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Reeya Sheth

In Amit Aggarwal couture dress with a moulded bodice and bridal cape for her special day. The outfit is lightweight which means the bride can enjoy all her functions with ease.

bridal light weight lehenga


Shairavi Shah

In Amit Aggarwal hand-embellished bustle-back lehenga from their 2019 couture collection ‘Lumen’. This lehenga creates a beautiful illusion through linear under layers and geometric patterns on the outside.

reception lehenga

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Shruti Gopani

In the Amit Aggarwal ivory winged Couture dress with an embellished tape bodice and signature Amit Aggarwal wing with polymer details. The dress reflects the ideology of our collection as metallic lines meet organic patterns, created with iridescent weaves and polymer details.

white bridal outfit


Karuna Kukreja

Karuna is wearing handcrafted scaling embroidery lehenga created with sequin and beaded with details with voluminous ruffled tulle underlayer in Fuschia with neon accents. Dhrumil chose our classic fitted menswear jacket with hand embellished sequin details.

pink lehenga

cocktail bridal outfit

Evneet Kaur and Chanpreet Singh

Evneet is in an emerald classic couture dress created with our signature linear recycled polymer and hand-embroidered details. Chanpreet is wearing a black linear tape jacket with intricate hand embellishments from Amit Aggarwal’s menswear collection.

amit aggarwal couple

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Aashna Behl

Aashna is wearing a red striped lehenga handcrafted with signature polymer, paired with three-dimensional blouse created intricately with hand-embroidered organza wings, sequins, and moulded polymer details.

red bridal outfit

amit aggarwal outfits


Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha is wearing a blush hand-embellished organic lace blouse, paired with a corded cape and signature linear upcycled polymer skirt.

foiled lehenga

Are you a fan of these designs or would you prefer something more traditional and classic? Comment down below.

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