Today at Apple offers guide to making holiday gifts with Apple tools

Apple is getting in the holiday spirit with a new Today at Apple program that helps users of all ages create gifts using iPhone, iPad and App Store software.

Highlighted in a new section on the official Today at Apple webpage, “Make Your Holiday” is a special program that combines a free digital Project Book and weekly virtual sessions to help users make posters, family portraits, greeting cards, video reels, party invites and much more.

The program revolves around the Project Book, a free 74-page Pages document filled with project ideas, step-by-step instructions and templates. Formatted to fit an iPhone being used in portrait mode, the book is easily navigated with inline links and can be viewed side-by-side with other apps in Split View on iPad.

Online sessions from Nov. 19 through Dec. 31 will see Apple Creatives offer tips and inspiration for projects featured in the book. So far, an Art Skills session for “Gratitude Grams” — personalized cards — is slated for Nov. 23, while a Photo Skills session covering family portraits is scheduled for the same day. Those interested can sign up through the Today at Apple website.

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