This Neato D7 Robot Vacuum Prime Day Deal doesn’t suck

Cleaning the house can be quite tiresome, am I right? There’s a lot of laborious manual work involved, especially vacuuming. But if you had a robot vacuum, then it can clean the floors for you while you sit back and relax. The Neato D7 is currently on sale as a Lightning Deal for Prime Day, so you can snag one up for $480, instead of the normal $600 price.

Vacuuming is absolutely no fun, so every household should have a robot vacuum. The Neato D7 is one of our favorite robot vacuums, and it’s a nice addition to any household. While you should still have another manual vacuum to get tough jobs done, the D7 is great at daily maintenance when it comes to clean floors.

With the D7, it’s guided by lasers, which help it navigate your home. Thanks to this system, the D7 can create a map of your house and it will learn the floor plan over time, making it more efficient the more you use it. With the companion app, you can set up zones in your house where the D7 can’t enter, which is useful if there are spots in your house that have cables and wires. The D7 has an insanely powerful suction that will make sure every spot is clean, but at the same time, it can suck up things you don’t want it to suck up.

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Thanks to the unique D-shaped design of the D7, it makes it easier for the vacuum to reach tough spots, such as corners, where most dirt hides. And if you have pets, the D7 is great at picking up pet hair.

While the point of a robot vacuum is so you don’t have to do any work, the D7 does allow for remote-controlled vacuuming. So you can use the app, along with the Wi-Fi connection, to manually direct where the D7 goes to clean. This is great if there are certain spots that require careful navigation, or you just need some spot cleaning.

The only issue with the D7 is that it does get stuck on things quite often, so you may need to go and manually free it from whatever trouble it is in. But the Turbo Boost suction is super powerful and can handle pretty much anything. If you need something a little more gentle but still effective, then the D7 has you covered there too. The D7 can be set to clean on a schedule, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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