Robot Disinfecting Hospitals From COVID-19 is Highly Insecure

The company that actively collaborates with national cybersecurity institutes in Spain and Germany, has recently published a new report that discloses numerous security vulnerabilities that security researchers have found over a well-known robot manufacturer, the danish Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a company that has sold more than 10,000 units of their Autonomous Mobile Robots that is the basis for the famous ultraviolet ray disinfection robot against COVID-19.

The first vaccine for robots

“Taking care of robot health is taking care of human health. That’s what we defend in Alias Robotics, and manufacturers all over the globe ignore,” points out Endika Gil-Uriarte, CEO at Alias Robotics, a startup launched in 2018.

To protect these robots against cyberattacks, Alias Robotics has developed RIS, the first “vaccine” for robots. The Robot Immune System is software that gets installed into the robots, that has been co-developed by cell biology experts and security researchers, to protect them against cyber attacks.

RIS mimics our own human immune system and adapts to the robot behaviour, while using Artificial Intelligence to identify novel threats, before they hit. As if it were a “vaccine” RIS exposes the robot to an array of different dangers and prepares its immune system to avoid getting hit by malware. The robot develops its virtual antibodies to combat cyber threats, so RIS is what is commonly known as an intelligent anti-virus for robots.

RIS is offered free of charge for research and development purposes and exceptionally, RIS is offered at no cost for healthcare and other professional robots while COVID-19 lasts.

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