Powerbeats 4 spotted at retail ahead of official announcement


An eagle-eyed shopper has spotted Apple’s new Powerbeats 4 on WalMart shelves despite not being officially announced yet.

Powerbeats 4 on display ahead of official announcement

Powerbeats 4 on display ahead of official announcement

Apple is expected to release some products sometime in the month of March, as they did last year, and this public sighting of a new product confirms that at least some new products are headed our way. The Powerbeats 4 on display are retailing for $150, despite the previous generation being $200 normally.

The packaging shows that the unreleased earphones have a new design, are still wired ear-to-ear, but feature up to 12 hours of listening time. This is likely due to the inclusion of Apple’s latest H1 chipset, which may also allow for “Hey Siri” voice commands.

AppleInsider will update as soon as an official announcement is made.

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