Organic yellow passionfruit from Ecuador promises to make a difference in European market

Ecuadorian company FruitCo, an organic label, is now industrializing its passionfruit, and announcing new exotic produce and products to follow. Its lyophilized passionfruit, which may be used for all sorts of recipes such as sauces, cocktails, juice, salad dressings, etc., promises to make a difference in the exotic  fruits market in Europe, as this cold-dehydration process makes the powder maintain all of the fruit’s nutritional characteristics, color and aroma.

FruitCo’s organic farm “La Chaguana” is located in the northernmost province of Ecuador, Esmeraldas.  With humid and warm weather all year round, an average temperature of 30°C promotes extraordinary growth of many different products. A team fully committed to organic farming proudly presents its passionfruit of a sweetness only organic can have: 13-14 Brix, thus its sweet flavor and the lack of tartness of its seeds. The variety is yellow (passiflora edulis flavicarpa), which has been proven in lab to provide more than twice as much malic acid as the purple variety – the component that acts as an energizer.  There are many  advantages of this variety, both for industry as well as for home use.

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