Hidden Valley Organic Dairy Farm

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT) – After a mile and a half on a dirt road through the rolling green fields in Paul, Idaho, sits Hidden Valley Organic Dairy. A place Managing Member Perry Van Tassell has been since he was a kid.

“We came up to the homestead place and there was about 350 acres that was cultivated and irrigated at that time. And since that time we’ve added more ground to our farming operation and were farming about 2300 acres of ground now,” Van Tassell added.

In 2003, the farm started the three year transition to being organic

“Probably some of the biggest high points of organic milk is that it’s antibiotic free. There is not hormones or antibiotics you can give your animals. They do have to be on pasture so they are kind of grass based. They have to consume 30 percent minimum of their dry matter intake off of pasture for a minimum of 120 days a year,” Van Tassell said

The southern Idaho conditions are perfect for Hidden Valley. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, the farm didn’t take a hit.

“We live kind of in a high desert so our production stays pretty even throughout the year. It doesn’t fluctuate a lot seasonally, because we have a great water supply to grow good crops and we have great soil to be able to manage those crops with, so our cows do really well in this climate.”

The long days and weeks of farming are worth it for Van Tassell

“It’s a way of life, you get to work with your kids everyday, your kids are working with you and it’s an opportunity to hand down through your generations just like my father handed down me knowledge, and then let me build upon it, I get to do the same thing with my kids,” added Van Tassell.

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