ForgeRock Updates Identity Portfolio with New Automated Solutions

ForgeRock has upgraded its AI and cloud technology to deliver better automated security services to its customers. The technology will improve the company’s flagship Identity Platform, and will also be integral to its Autonomous Identity and Cloud Identity solutions.

ForgeRock Updates Identity Portfolio with New Automated Solutions

The goal is to provide enterprise customers with tools that will allow them to deliver more convenient user experiences without sacrificing security. For example, the Identity Platform now has new Self Service Trees that will streamline customer onboarding, as well as a new Integrated Password Reset feature that is intended to reduce abandonment. The Identity Cloud can similarly help large enterprises scale their identity services across multiple locations.

The Autonomous Identity tool, on the other hand, is meant to speed things up internally. The solution was designed to reduce the administrative burden on IT departments, and assigns a risk score to information access requests. Low-risk requests can be cleared automatically, which reduces the number of requests that need manual approvals by as much as 50 percent.  

Accenture Security collaborated with ForgeRock to develop the autonomous identity technology that is now being used in the company’s various solutions. Both companies believe that the updated tools will be particularly beneficial as online traffic increases during COVID-19. 

“As millions of employees continue to work from home, managing user privileges has become even more complex,” said Accenture Managing Director Rex Thexton. “Innovative approaches can help address the fluid nature of user access rights and increase efficiency as well as reduce costs.”

“This will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation as we adjust to a new normal of work and life,” added ForgeRock Chief Product Officer Peter Barker.

ForgeRock recently reported that U.S. organizations lost more than $1.8 trillion due to data breaches in 2019. Daon has also released a new biometric identity solution that was built to be compatible with the ForgeRock Identity Platform. 

June 23, 2020 – by Eric Weiss

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