Apple’s ‘iPhone 12’ to ship with 20W USB-C charger

A new leak claims that the power adapter that ships with some of the forthcoming “iPhone 12” lineup will be a 20W USB-C model instead of the familiar 5W one of the iPhone 11.

Whether the launch is delayed or not, when customers get Apple’s new “iPhone 12” later this year, it appears they will get a much more powerful charging adapter. According to a new leak, while the “iPhone 12” will retain the Lightning port, its power adapter will be a 20W USB-C one, instead of the current 5W model.

Tweeter Mrwhite, solely says that “new iPhone 12 will be equipped with 20W power adapter.” There’s no more detail beyond a series of photographs, and no information about whether the adapter will ship with all “iPhone 12” models, or just the Pro ones.

While Mrwhite does not have a long track record in Apple leaks, he has most recently claimed that future versions of the Apple Pencil will come in black.

Separately, Apple is currently one of many companies protesting against a European Union plan to require manufacturers to standardize on an older USB-2 charger.

The “iPhone 12” is expected to be Apple’s first 5G phone, and is believed to come in four models. Two are replacements for the current iPhone 11, with one of those having a 5.4-inch screen, and the other being a “Plus”-style 6.1-inch model. The remaining two are the replacements for the current iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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